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Fixtures & Results

Welcome to the Fixtures & Results page.

Dress for all league matches and competitions is branded club or plain white shirts, grey bottoms and regulation flat bowling shoes.

Fixture & League results can be seen by clicking the link the for the required League.


A map showing location of clubs we play is available by clicking below

Mid-Week Mixed Triples League

Wednesdays at 1.30pm. 3 rinks of 3, 18 ends, 1 shot first end, 11 ends constitute a game in bad weather. Criteria – players to be retired or not working but includes workers doing 20 hours or less

Cleveland & Teesside Bowls League

Thursday at 6.30pm. 4 rinks of 3, 3 bowls each, 15 ends, 1 trial end, 12 ends constitute a game if bad weather

Teesside Vets League

Friday afternoons at 1.00pm. 1 rink of 4 playing 2 bowls each, 18 ends, 1 first end, with at least 11 ends constituting a game if bad weather. Criteria – open competition for both men and women aged 60 or over

Stockton & District Mixed Triples

Fridays at 6.30pm. 4 rinks of 3, 15 ends, 3 bowls each, 12 ends constituting a game if bad weather. Criteria – open to men and women of any age, lge prefers minimum of 6 ladies (otherwise there are penalties) rinks must be mixed



Remember you don't have a to play in a league to enjoy a game of bowls. As a member you are welcome to come down any time or join our informal roll up sessions.


There are no requirements other than bowling shoes for informal roll up sessions.


We have a range of events throughout the season

League Results

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